Monday, 18 July 2011

Today is THE day!

27th April

My alarm went off at 7am.  I have to be at the hospital for 8am.  I didn’t see the point in my getting up at 7am when I couldn’t even have a cup of coffee to bring my back to normality, so I ignored my alarm.

When I arrived at the hospital they told me I was the first person on the list, and I would be going down at 9am.  Oh the nerves! At that point I felt physically sick.
I changed into a lovely hospital gown, the ones that show your bum.  How nice.  The butterflies in my stomach got worse with every minute.

One of my friends was watching the op; he is a medical student and had gotten permission to observe. He arrived about 8.30.  I was too nervous to speak, so I stayed silent.
The anaesthetist came and talked about my options for being put under. There was so much to take in I switched off, I was in a daze.
An arrow was drawn on my left leg, marking the spot! So that they wouldn’t do the wrong hip.

Before I knew it the trolley was there & 2 nurses were telling me it was time. I showed calmness (only for my mum’s sake; I was shaking inside) until I got into the anaesthetic room.  I panicked and started crying.  The anaesthetist & nurse tried to calm me down but they couldn’t, so they went next door to get my friend who was scrubbing up.  I was given a pre med to relax me & the room started swimming. My friend told me everything would be fine and held my hand because I was so frightened.  That was the last thing I remember.

Recovery –

I had been in recovery for 2 hours before I woke up. I wasn’t comfortable when I woke up so they gave me painkillers, then I was moved to the ward.

I woke up and mum & my friend were both there.  I can’t really remember much.

I couldn’t eat or drink because I couldn’t face anything, the sight and smell of food made me nauseous, even though I was hungry.

I had to have a catheter because my bladder wasn’t working properly after the anaesthetic.  That was the most horrible feeling in the world, needing the toilet so badly but not being able to go.  My bladder was ready to burst.  The catheter is a horrible device, I had vowed never to have one but I really had no choice in the end.  I cried when they gave it to me, not sure why. I have had worse things and not cried, so maybe I was just sensitive because of the op that morning.

I had the most horrendous night on the ward. I was amongst older people and boy did they moan! One lady insisted on calling the nurse every 5 mins, and asked anyone who came into the room to help her get out of bed.  A lady opposite me talked in her sleep and had some mental health issues I feel, because she seemed to think she was staying in a hotel.

Every hour I was woken for my obs to be taken, so that they could monitor me closely.

I have decided that some of the nurses are evil.  They have a permanent attitude problem.  One demanded to know why I hadn’t taken my paracetamol, and when I replied that I didn’t need any because I wasn’t in pain she merely ordered that I take everything given to me.  Yeah right!
The same nurse didn’t seem to realise where the catheter is attached to, because the way she was pulling it you’d think she was playing tug of war.

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