Monday, 18 July 2011

13th April - 13 is unlucky.

I didn’t do much in hydro today, because I felt a lot worse after my last session.  I just did some gentle swimming today so I wasn’t too bad afterwards thankfully.  I don’t see the point in this hydro before my op, because it seems to do me more pain than good. It will be more beneficial after my op, in my opinion.  I dread going.
Mum took me to town for a bit when she got home from work. As usual I sat in the chair so that I could do some shopping pain free!  People in town today really annoyed me, more than usual.  A lot of them cut in front of the chair when they are walking, it’s like they don’t have eyes.  I could just swipe for people like that.  My mood wasn’t particularly good because I hadn’t caught up on my sleep from the night before, seeing as I was up early today for waste-of-time hydro.  I hate this way of life! And I hate the chair!
Tonight I went out for a meal with friends.  I was really looking forward to it & even though I felt really rough, I wasn’t going to let anything stop me.  So I took extra medicine.  We went to Nando’s which was great, then over to some bars.  The walk from Nando’s to the bars isn’t far at all, but I could feel my hip nagging at me to stop moving it.  I decided to leave early, about 10pm.  Te others were going off to a club.  Even though I sort of wanted to go, there would have been no point in me joining them, seeing as I wouldn’t have been able to dance and would have been sat down all night – not much fun!

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