Monday, 18 July 2011

MORE Physio

I’m doing loads of exercises so why don’t I feel any different? I know I am expecting too much too soon but I can’t help it, I was expecting things to go faster than this.
I decided to invest in a wobble board so I can do my own wobble exercises at home.  I will feel happier if I am doing anything extra to help myself.
It is really hard trying to correct my gait and it frustrates me so much.  I can’t stop my hip from flexing and when I walk I have to walk so slow so I can clench my muscles to correct my hip.  I get out of breath; I must look so unhealthy to those watching.  I hate this!  I hope I am off the sticks and can walk properly by the time placement comes around; I don’t want to be like this on placement I will feel conscious around the patients.

24th May
Had a good cry today, I am so pathetic I can’t even do simple exercises.  I am mad at myself, I should be able to!  If I could have my own private PT I would have one so that they can make sure I am doing them properly, because I don’t know if I am. 

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