Monday, 18 July 2011

3rd May

I had a bad night last night; I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t get comfortable in bed.
I was in pain when I woke up & the niggling carried on all day.  I couldn’t do any of my uni work because I couldn’t face it. I was too tired.

I did my home exercises set by the PT and they tired me out.

I have got loads of cravings for nice food.  I think because of the mush they call food in the hospital, I am making up for not eating much!

I am sticking to the precautions but they are annoying me already, like not being able to cross my legs is killing me.

I am having problems with our sofa; I think it is too low.  Although it is at a safe height for me, it is hard to get off it when I want to stand up.  Mum put a garden seat cushion on it to raise it which helped a little.  Mum rand the OT to say about it being too low, and someone is coming to fit a chair raiser.

I’m finding it really hard to get comfortable; no position seems to be right. 

One thing I have noticed an improvement in, I don’t get stiff when I’m sat down anymore! It’s amazing.  I can just stand up and there is no stiffness. 

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