Monday, 18 July 2011


8th May
Today is the day I was meant to be having my op!  It seems weird thinking about it.  I am glad I had it earlier. 

Still having groin pain and my walking is still difficult.  I get tired very easy and it is a big effort to try and walk normally i.e. no limping.  I have to clench my bum all the time! 

A handrail has been fitted in the shower now so I can shower safely, hooray!  I won’t be worrying now.

Boredom is kicking in now.  I’ve had enough of playing the patient and resting.  I want to be doing stuff now.    The weather is depressing me.  I’ve had a huge row with one of my housemates.  So I am not in the best of moods.  I feel oversensitive at the mo so that probably doesn’t help anything.  Everything is getting to me, even little things that would normally go over my head. 

9th may

Rubbish night’s sleep.  I tried sleeping on my un operated side with a pillow between my legs, but I felt unsafe in case my left leg rolled over my right.

Went to Cheshire oaks for a while, it is much easier getting in the car now but I hate being in the chair, because it is so uncomfortable even with the extra cushion to raise me up.  I walked a bit round the shop where there was no one around.  I am still wary of being close to people. 

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