Monday, 18 July 2011

Time to go Home!

I am going to ask if I can go home today, I'm sick of being in here.  I don't see why I can’t, I've been more mobile the past few days, and the only thing left for me to do with the PT is go up/down some stairs which I am doing later.


I walked out into the corridor with the PT and went up/down some wooden stairs. This is the furthest I have walked so far & I felt ok, I just took it slowly.  I got shown that to go up stairs I should put my unoperated leg first, and my operated when coming down. It was quite difficult going up, as a lot of my weight was put on my operated leg. I was tired walking back to the ward. But pleased I had done it.

Yay! They said I can go home! Finally!

Mum came to get me, and she pushed me to the car in a wheelchair.  The hardest part of leaving was getting into the car.  It was sooo hard.  The seat was reclined far back and pushed as far back as possible, so that I was able to lie back in order to get in.  The car has ‘bucket’ seats which made it really hard to get onto the seat as it wasn’t a flat surface.  The hump put me in an awkward position and dug into my wound a little.  Ouch!

I was practically falling asleep on the way home, so when I got in I had a lie down & fell asleep straight away.

Later on I pottered around my room but my hip was niggling abit from the car trip.  I think I’ll leave going out in the car again for a few days yet! Those seats are ridiculous!

In my room I kept dropping things but kept forgetting to have my grabber to hand, so I had to keep going back to my bed to get it every time I dropped something.

The untidiness of my unpacked hospital things frustrated me but I didn’t have the energy to do it.

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