Monday, 18 July 2011

Post op Physio

Last night I tried lying on my operated side; it hurt abit but was bearable.  I couldn’t lie for long, but it felt nice to not be lying on my back for a change!

I had my first physio session at the hospital today.  I was dreading it, because I have had a lot of bad experiences with physio’s.  But today was fine and dandy.  I was introduced to some more home exercises and then passed over to the PT who works in the gym.  I am to start with her next week.

I walked back to the car from the PT dept; this is the furthest I have walked so far!  I felt good!

I spent lots of money in town today, there’s nothing like retail therapy.  I sat in the chair; I didn’t want to overdo it after having walked quite far this morning.

Went to my cousin’s new house in the evening, but because some little cousins of hers were there they kept staring at me.  So I felt a bit conscious.  Stupid sticks!

12th May

I slept soundly last night and woke up quite comfortable.  I tried to do my exercises more often today, but they take so long so it is hard to find time to fit them all in! 

I restarted my last bit of my assignment today, but I found it hard because I’ve not done any academic work in a while. 

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