Monday, 18 July 2011


I did about 15 lengths today (half of what I was doing last month!) before getting twinges. I have to do much less now; I don’t want to get stuck in the pool again like I did last time.  I find that after a swim, my limp becomes more obvious and turns into a ‘waddle’.  I thought hydrotherapy was meant to loosen people up and stop them aching? It has never done that for me, if fact many times I have felt worse afterwards and have seized up.  This is exactly what happened today.  I seized up whilst driving home after my swim.  When I came to get out of the car I found that my hip was stuck in flexion; I was stuck in a sitting position and couldn’t straighten up to walk properly.  To anyone looking, they would have wondered why I was bent over like an elderly person.  After a while it subsided and I could straighten up.  As soon as I arrived at my dad’s house I flopped into a seat; it’s amazing how breathless I get when walking even a short distance.   Walking is such an effort.
I took some strong painkillers, which at the moment don’t really seem to touch the pain, they only make me drowsy!  I couldn’t do any uni work because I was so sleepy.

I am so frustrated!  I can’t even do a gentle swim without turning into a waddling duck and seizing up all night whilst being doped up on painkillers!

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