Monday, 18 July 2011

Can I go home now!?

I was taken off the morphine last night so I didn’t feel as sick today, most was out of my system by this morning.
I did some more exercises with the physio.  I got out of bed and started to walk away with a frame and I started feeling dizzy again.  The physio sat me down & took my BP, which had plummeted to 87/41 (usual is about 120/80).  I felt really sick & weak, and was pale & clammy.  The PT wouldn’t let me walk back to bed incase it dropped any more so she wheeled the bed over to wear I was sat.  I’m not sure what caused my BP to drop, probably a combination of no food, anaemia from surgery and my body’s shock from the surgery.  The PT is going to come back later.

I managed to strip wash myself, the nurse offered to do it but I refused and did it myself.  I didn’t want someone else washing me! And there isn’t anything wrong with my arms is there? It took me ages to do though, as it was hard to take my clothes off & get them back on again because I had loads of wires and my drains getting in the way.
I noticed today that my operated leg is slightly longer than the other. I knew this was a risk of the operation but I wasn’t expecting it to happen to me.  Well, it has.  I am not happy at all; I am going to look like a freak now.  As if things weren’t bad enough!  I asked my surgeon why this has happened and he told me it is because my muscles have lengthened from surgery.  For years I walked incorrectly due to my hips and so the muscles had contracted (shortened). As they were cut through during the op they have regained their correct length.  He told me that with physio it is possible both legs will even out, as my muscles become stronger and I correct the way I hold myself when walking.  But it will be hard work! 

The PT came back after lunch and I managed to walk out into the corridor and back without any problems.  It doesn’t cause me any pain when I walk, it is just difficult to move the muscles and they feel really heavy.  We did some stretching exercises on the bed. 
I went for an X ray this afternoon.  That was horrible.  They made me lie in difficult positions so they could get different angles of my hip. 

Some uni friends came today, and 2 of them I was expecting! It was a nice surprise.  They had got me a goody bag of treats. It was nice seeing them and having a gossip! But it made me realise how much I miss being there with everyone, missing out on all the fun and even the days where we all just sat and did nothing!  It seems strange to think I won’t be back for months.

I got really restless tonight and got a numb bum from being in bed for so long.  I went for a walk and sat out in my chair for abit.

I am really fed up of being here now, I want to go home.  I make a terrible patient.  I am frustrated and bored.

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