Monday, 18 July 2011

Coursework & other rubbish.

Our computer is upstairs, in the loft of all places! So if I need to us the internet, like I do at the moment for all my uni work, I have to go up 2 flights of stairs to get to the computer!
Today I felt ok when I woke up, so I thought I’d brave the stairs to do some research,  It took me nearly 7 minutes to get up there, and I was shattered when I reached the top I had a lie down on my brother’s bed!  I’m not as bad going down, but it still takes forever, everything is such an effort! 
I wish I hadn’t gone up to the loft! I am in a lot of pain now.
It is increasingly difficult to get in the bath/shower.  My bath is quite high sided and so I can’t get my legs high enough to step in.  A while ago I bought a bath-board and it makes getting in the bath so much easier, although it is still difficult to swing my legs over into the bath and it hurts.

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