Monday, 18 July 2011

More Physio

I had my second session of PT today which I was looking forward to!  I am keen to get myself back on track and fit for placement in July!
I have been transferred to the PT who works in the gym, as a lot of what I will be doing involves gym equipment so she is the best person to see.
I was given exercises to do on the gym ball which were really hard and I got very frustrated when I couldn’t get the hang of them.  I felt like crying because they are so simple yet I couldn’t do them.
My muscles around the hip and my glutes are really weak so I was told not to expect too much for a while because they’ll take time to strengthen.  I didn’t feel any better, I want results now!
I also did some wobble board exercises, using a board that is raised off the ground and you have to balance on it.  These were really tough aswel and took a lot of concentration and effort to do them.  I was close to tears again because I felt really stupid not being able to do simple exercises like these. Will I ever be able to? 

I expressed my concern about my limping to the PT- I had expected it to disappear after surgery.  I should’ve realised this wouldn’t happen – I think it was wishful thinking!  She reassured me that it will improve with time but I need to retrain my body and muscles how to walk properly after years of walking with an incorrect gait. 

When I got home I was shattered and was still feeling abit down about the PT and how long it is going to take to get back on my feet.  I’ve been given more home PT to do which means I will be spending even more of my time doing exercises; I don’t seem to have a life anymore, at least not one that involves anything fun!

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