Monday, 18 July 2011

The Day After The Night Before

14th April

I woke up in agony. It must have been that walking last night, even though it was hardly any.  I can hardly walk. 


I spent the rest of today drugged up on medicines, didn’t get any work done.  Tonight I am meant to be going out with 2 lads from my old workplace.  I haven’t seen one of them since September, so it’ll be great to see him & catch up.  I can’t decide whether to go or not, I really want to!

I’ve decided, I am going.  I upped my steroids this afternoon and they have kicked in. I will just take it easy tonight, I’ll be sat down anyway so what’s the harm?  I need to get out whilst I still can!  Plus I want to talk to my medical friend; he is watching my op after all! 


I’ve just got back, I had a great time! I am so glad I went! It was great to see the guys again and just to be out & about socialising – not had much of that recently!  I sat down all night and my hips feel ok now so (touch wood) they should be ok tomorrow.

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