Monday, 18 July 2011

Mums Birthday

I had a bad night last night – tossing and turning, and I was feverish.  I had about 3 nightmares.  I couldn’t turn over in bed so I had to lie on my back which I hate.  I have been trying to sleep on my back anyway for the past few nights, to practice for when I am in hospital and I’m not allowed to.  It is really uncomfortable! I always sleep on my side, and I cross my legs in bed.  It is going to be so hard when I can’t do these things after my op, its going to drive me mad.
When I woke up I was aching and I seized up after half an hour in my chair when me & mum went shopping.  To get myself going ready for mum’s birthday meal I took extra meds.

The meal was really nice, but I couldn’t get comfortable on the hard wooden seats in the pub.  Whatever position I sat in, my hip seized up. So every few minutes I was having to change position.  I took some co-codamol in the end, which made me drowsy.

I just about managed getting from the table to the front door of the restaurant.  I didn’t feel able to walk to the car, which wasn’t far.  So mum drove the car to me, where I was waiting by the entrance.

I can’t believe its only 2days to go. I am sick of this misery, I can’t wait.

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