Monday, 18 July 2011

1 day to go!

I felt really sick when I woke up and had a banging headache.  Great start to the day!
I hobbled into the living room and saw my book had arrived, so now I can get more of my assignment done.  I plan to get some done in the hospital, as no doubt I will be very very bored and have a lot of time to spare.
I packed the rest of my things ready for tomorrow, I think I’ve got too much (well it’s to be expected; I am a woman after all!).
This afternoon I tried to do more of my assignment but I couldn’t concentrate.  What I was writing didn’t make sense.  So I gave up.

My last bath was so nice.  I had loads of bubbles & my music on.  I won’t be having a bath for a long time now, so I made the most of this one!

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