Monday, 18 July 2011


I had my second ‘dose’ of acupuncture today.  I had my first last week, it didn’t seem to do a thing.  I thought I might feel something after today.  Nope! Nothing! If possible, I actually felt worse.
I had attended today’s appointment on my own, as mum was on holiday, dad was working.  My brother: he just wanted his bed! Didn’t like the thought of getting up before 11am!  I didn’t think there would be any problem, I didn’t mind going on my own.  I always park in the disabled bays outside the main entrance.  Today though, there weren’t any.  So I parked in the main car park, which is quite a way from the physio dept.  By the time I came to go back to the car after my physio session, I could barely lift my leg in order to walk. I kind of dragged it along, shuffling like an old woman.  I had a major problem getting into the car; it seems to get harder each day.
My hip was twinging like mad on the journey home, which took about 5 mins! I spent the rest of the day dosing up on pain relief & cursing whoever and whatever I could, in order to express my pain & frustration! My poor brother….

What have I learnt from today?  To always have someone with me incase I need help e.g. to use my wheelchair.  Don’t think I will be going many places alone from now on.  What fun that will be.

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