Monday, 18 July 2011

Missing Uni

I want to go back to uni!  I don’t want to be here like a dependant little weakling using sticks.  I feel really lonely because everyone is still at uni/college or is working so I hardly get to see anyone.  I had a rubbish day, I was really bored.  I have no life.  I hate this; I should be able to go out when I want.  I want to hop in my car and go!  I was tempted to just get in and drive off somewhere this afternoon, to make a point.  The point being, I need to get back to normality and get out this house – I am sick to death of staying put!
While I was in this mood, I starting thinking about my family.  They are full of it, they all promised me they would come and see me after my op and take me out, or keep me company, etc.  And have they?  Nope!  Even the odd visitor would be nice but I've not seen anyone or even heard from half of them, what’s the deal?  I feel like they don’t care about me or they are too ‘busy’ to take half an hour to some see if I am ok.  I would do it for them, without a doubt.  It’s not fair, I was relying on them to get me through this and where are they all?  Busy with their lives.  At least they have one.

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