Monday, 18 July 2011

Can I just shave my OWN legs!?

I felt really down at bed time last night; very tearful.  I think everything that has happened suddenly hit me, and I cried.  Why me?

I felt angry at myself for getting upset, I should just get on with it there’s nothing I can do.

I was scared to have another shower, after feeling so unsteady yesterday.  Mum said she would help, but no 20 year old wants their mum to help them shower!  So I did it myself.  Mum helped me with washing my feet and shaving my legs, which I hated because it’s not the sort of thing your mum normally does for you!  I want to do it myself!

I want to sunbathe today because it is so nice.  I can’t properly though, because I can’t lie on my sides or tummy.  So I will be tanned on the front but no where else.  It’s stupid! 

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