Monday, 18 July 2011

Hydrotherapy with Physio

I am dreading today. I don’t have good memories of being ‘handled’ by physios…  I have a good set of lungs thanks to them, from all the screaming.  Well we shall see how today goes


Well I’m all done; my session lasted half an hour.  It felt like hours, I’m so tired and I’m never going back again!

I mostly did exercises to strengthen muscles in my back, stomach and around my hip.  The abduction exercises were the worst, how can this be helping?  It felt more like trying to tear the muscles rather than strengthen them.  I practically ran out of the department when I was finished (well, not exactly ran but I reeeeaaallly wanted to!)

The drive home was awful; I wished I had had someone with me to drive for me! I got in and lay down, it felt like I’d been beaten up.  I could barely move because I was in so much pain and was so stiff.

My uni work again went out of the window because I was so tired and I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate even if I had tried.

This is horrible.

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