Monday, 18 July 2011

Gym Round 2 followed by 'Nothing'

3rd April
I was having a good day today so thought I’d go the gym whilst I had the chance, I am trying to build myself up as much as possible ready for my op.  The stronger I am the better for afterwards! Especially my lower half!
I slipped when walking around the pool to get to the hydro pool.  I didn’t fall but I had jarred my hip a little, obviously when I saved myself from falling.  It started twinging then and by the time I came to leave the gym I couldn’t lift my leg to walk properly, so I shuffled along as best I could.

4th April
Not done much today, so I’ve not had much pain.  Even though I didn’t like it, this is now my attitude: no activity, no pain.  The sticking of my hip is getting pretty bad, and its affecting the way I stand and I’m starting to get bad back ache, down the opposite side to my bad hip (so, the right side of my back)

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