Monday, 18 July 2011

Pre Operative Assessment

I was at the hospital for hours!  It was such a long day.
I had some blood taken, and then I saw a nurse who asked some personal details about my health & medication.  She weighed me and took my BP.  I’m surprised it wasn’t through the roof, the way I felt at that point.
Then, I got the shock of my life.  My op has been brought forward to the 27th April – 2 weeks time! Oh god, it’s too soon. I haven’t psyched myself up yet!  Now I am panicking, thinking about all the ‘’What If’s’’ and the ‘’Don’ts’’ for after the op.  The nurse talked about after the surgery, about drains & drips, etc. It all sounds so horrible! And there is no WAY I am using a bedpan.  Everyone seems to find that hilarious, but I am deadly serious.  The day I use a bedpan is the day I meet a talking dog!
My mum came with me to the hospital, so she could push me to the department, drive me (in MY car, which was an experience!) and give me support as I was really nervous.  She got upset when we were talking with the nurse, which was hard to see. She is usually my tower of strength!
After being sat in the wheelchair for so long I had a really stiff hip, which was only aggravated by a random doctor asking me to walk on it! As if they couldn’t guess how bad it is, I’m only in a wheelchair after all! 
I got home utterly shattered and with constant twinges.  The idea of going to the gym went out the window.
I spent the rest of the afternoon resting my hip, which I hate so much because I like being up & about.  A decrease in activity usually does the trick, but I hate having to decrease anything! Why should I?!  I shouldn’t have to, just to simply get through each day, it’s not fair!
I decided to clear some space in my wardrobe – which was unsuccessful!  I may as well bag all my going out clothes; I won’t be needing them for a good while! It is not fair.
I didn’t take any pain relief when I got home today, I felt tired enough & the meds would have made me really drowsy, and I didn’t need that when there was an assignment to be done!

This is now my 2 week countdown to D Day…Oh god…

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