Monday, 18 July 2011

Occupational Therapy Hip Group

I went to the hospital today for the Pre Op Hip Group run by the OT.  It was basically to go through the Do’s & Don’ts for after the op.  Prior to today we had to measure all the furniture I would be using, so that if anything was too low it can be raised to the correct safe height so my hip won’t dislocate.  All ours was found to be fine, I just need a frame around the toilet to give some support when getting on/off.
I felt very out of place in the group today, seeing as I was the youngest one there.  People were looking at me as if wondering why I was joining them for this talk, it made me uneasy.

I went swimming this afternoon – big mistake! I felt bad afterwards.  This is really annoying! I am trying my best to build myself up and it seems impossible!

Tonight I am going out again with the guys, so I upped my steroids a little.  I don’t make a habit of this by the way! But it’s the only way I can have some kind of a life before I have my hip done.  Otherwise, I would be a hermit.


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  2. hi lee. this is 6 years old - had my hip in 2006 haha. thanks though