Monday, 18 July 2011

More Ward Shizzle

Last night the catheter was taken out! Yay! So now I can go the toilet normally.  I felt abit weird this morning when I woke up, sick and faint.  So I used the commode initially this morning because I felt funny.  I slept for hours today, why am I so exhausted?  I’m only sat in bed!
I did some more bed exercises later on which went well, I feel stronger already.
I had loads of visitors today; about 11 people were round my bed at one point!  It took a lot out of me, I found it hard to focus on conversations and it was pretty tiring.

My hip has felt quite good today; I am managing to get up & about much more now that the catheter is out. I am walking quicker with the frame aswel and feel steadier, and getting on/off the bed I can do independently whereas up until now a nurse has helped me.

1st May

I got given some walking sticks today, because I am steady on the frame now.
I was able to have a shower today, it was so nice. I wasn’t allowed to stand for it though; I had to sit in a wheelchair that had a hole in the seat.  The nurse was faffing around so much it was annoying.  I had only asked her how to turn the shower on, and then she insisted on helping me with absolutely everything.  I was perfectly capable; I had my grabber with me! 

Because I’ve reduced my painkillers & I’m off the morphine I’ve had a little discomfort in my hip but it’s bearable.

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